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    Do Carpets Really Domonate the Winter?

    Do Carpets Really Domonate the Winter?

    Winter is fast approaching. Freezing days will be here again. Maybe some of us are already thinking of buying a new snow tire or will probably just use the one in the garage. From fancying new jackets to preparing the fireplaces, there must be those who should prioritize the welfare of our feet in winter. The key is to stay warm and not thaw underfoot.

    While it’s true that many people think that carpet flooring is fit for winter, that does not mean vinyl planks, laminates, and tile floorings are not. In this blog, we will find out why we should not underestimate the least preferred floorings in cold weather.

    1. Luxury Vinyl Planks

    Aside from luxury vinyl planks’ almost scratch-proof surface, it is also nice for winter as it warms faster than other types of floorings. So even walking barefoot on this type of flooring will not be a problem. Luxury vinyl floorings are not contracting on cold days. And if you really want an extra warm feeling underfoot, rugs and mats with rubber underneath will do the trick as luxury vinyl planks and rubber-backs are best friends.

    2. Laminates

    A synthetic flooring made to look like wood. Laminate flooring is often made of melamine resin so it has the same insulation properties as luxury vinyl planks. Laminates consist of multi-layered synthetic products so it will not easily get cold unless it is fully exposed outside where the cold temperature is immense. You can also add another layer of cork in case you prefer warmer flooring or there are no rugs and mats available.

    3. Tiles

    Yes, you read that right. Tiles could be made of different materials such as stone, metal, terrazzo, clay, and quartz. While it is true that tiles could be freezingly cold in chilly weather, with a good heating system, it could be a great source of warmth underfoot. Tiles do not absorb moisture or any form of liquid, so it is an excellent choice to be installed at the entrance of your house where dirt on your boots and melted snow are always seen.

    Carpet floorings are killing it in winter. But you do not necessarily have to replace everything in your house with it. Each flooring has its fair share of resisting cold temperature. Floorings just need to be in the right place and have the right supporting layers so it could serve its purpose very well.

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