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    “How to Save Money On Your New Hardwood Floors”

    “How to Save Money On Your New Hardwood Floors”


    August 17 is the National Thrift Shop Day! You read that right. This is the perfect time to splurge but not really splurge ‘cause you’ll only be spending on stuff that is high on quality but low on price. Sounds nice? It’s the same thing with trying to save up with your hardwood flooring purchase. Given the wide variety of hardwood kinds available, each with a unique cost and labor requirements, it’s critical to understand how they differ. Planning ahead makes sure you receive the proper hardwood floors for your lifestyle and financial situation.

    The following five suggestions will help you save money the next time you buy flooring.

    • Set a budget

    Hardwood flooring installation typically costs between $14 and $32 per square foot, including labor. Therefore, you must determine the room’s size by taking into account both the length and width of the space. This sum can change based on the cost of labor and the materials employed. A whole house hardwood floors renovation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but if you have a budget, you can reduce that cost. Find alternate approaches to achieving your goals. Be willing to consider the main level floor that is distinct from the upper-level floor.

    • Decide on the type of wood

    Usually, wood is the cost per pound, but in other cases, it might be priced per linear foot. The price of solid hardwood typically varies with the wood’s hardness, with harder wood being more expensive. Investigate the average costs for various species, grains, lengths, and thicknesses of wood flooring because the sort of wood you pick has a significant impact on the cost. Plank thickness, the number of wood veneer layers, and species all affect how much-engineered hardwood costs. Occasionally, you’ll be pleasantly delighted to learn that by making small compromises, you can save a nice sum of money.

    • Look for a reliable flooring contractor

    Get costs and schedules, and then look for a contractor who makes you feel at ease. Ask friends, family, and acquaintances for recommendations. Request estimates from at least three or four of the suggested service providers. You may learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of flooring from a reputable flooring contractor. A flooring installer will also assist you in selecting a flooring option that complements your design. To determine which finance option would be most suitable for your needs, compare the prices and terms of several financing options.

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