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    “Powerful Women In History”


    Women’s Month

    “Powerful Women In History”

    Throughout history, women have proven their worth. These powerful, brave, and inspirational women dominated the fields of leadership, literature, history, and activism. Breaking gender stereotypes, and claiming their place that extends way beyond just within the home. 

    This Women’s Month, let us honor these amazing women!

    • Maya Angelou 

    She is one of the most influential women in history. Her work,  “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”, made an enormous name in literary history, by being the first nonfiction best-seller by an African-American woman. Before this breakthrough, life was tougher for Maya. She grew up experiencing racial discrimination and prejudices in her hometown, Stamps, Arkansas. She was even sexually abused at a young age. These experiences may have caused trauma to the young Maya, but these molded a strong woman within her. Her work became the voice of women in the civil rights movement in her later years. 

    • Anne Frank

    If strength could be a person, it would be Anne Frank. Anne is a german teenage girl who documented the most inhumane moments in history during Hitler’s rise to power in World War II. “The Diary of Anne Frank” remains to be the most honest, powerful, and moving accounts of World War II. After her death, her father decided to release her diary. Until now, her diary continues to paint an image of real love, fear, passion, and hope. 

    • Sojourner Truth

    Sojourner Truth’s speech belongs to the most famous and influential speeches by an American woman. Being a human rights activist and abolitionist, Truth made a mark in America’s history as the most influential black woman in history. Truth started her advocacy on the rights of African-Americans and women in general in the late 1840s. With this, she is known to be the earliest advocate for women’s rights and is known as one of the leaders of the abolition movement. 

    • Marie Curie

    Marie Curie is a pioneering scientist and physicist who conducted research that developed the study about radioactivity. Even though she experienced severe discrimination in a field dominated by men, that did not stop her. She made a mark in history for discovering two new elements: Polonium and Radium. Another innovation that Curie pioneered was the development of a portable x-ray machine. Curie is the first person who won two separate Nobel prizes which are for Physics and Chemistry. The breakthrough she leads is still benefiting millions up to this day.

    • Jane Austen 

    One of the most notable female writers in history. Her wit and writing style amazed millions. Her literary influence led to the discussion of women’s role in a patriarchal society. Up until today, her literary impact is still felt through the lessons her work has imparted to many readers. 


    True enough, these women gained their reputation through breakthroughs and innovations they’ve made in history. 

    There really is nothing more powerful than a good reputation.

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