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“Best Flooring Options for Aging Adults”

“Best Flooring Options for Aging Adults” National Grandparents Day is observed on the Sunday following Labor Day to honor the love that only grandparents can provide. Instead of packing their belongings and moving into an apartment or nursing home, older adults are opting to age in place....

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“Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger”

Tips to Make a Small Kitchen Look Larger Small-space living doesn’t mean you can’t have a functional kitchen. Check out these simple design tricks that make your kitchen look and feel spacious without making any modifications to the original room size. Paint it White Light reflects off of white...

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Baseboard Styles that Match Your Home

Baseboard Styles that Match Your Home Baseboards may not seem like the most important features in your home, but choosing the right baseboard can make a big impact on your overall room design. Baseboards are the trim that covers the seams between the floor and wall. They come in varied styles and...

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Help! My Laminate Won’t Lock!

Help! My Laminate Won’t Lock! Modern laminates now have a ‘click & lock’ design that gives flooring contractors an indicator that laminate pieces are locked in together and that no problems were encountered during the installation. But what if you do not hear any clicking or snapping sound in...

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Cutting Out Carpet Problems

Cutting Out Carpet Problems Carpets are attractive floor coverings that may dramatically transform the ambiance of any home or workplace. From a soft bedroom carpet to a luxurious living room or hotel room carpet, a functional carpet for the hallway and stairs, or a home office carpet, there’s...

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Hitting The Hardwood Standard

Hitting The Hardwood Standard (Factors to Consider When Buying Hardwood Floor) Because there are so many different types of flooring available, deciding which one to buy can be difficult. Each wood is available in a variety of hues and hardness levels to fit a variety of needs, and you may choose...

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Best Bathroom Floors

Best Bathroom Floors If you’re remodeling your bathroom, one of the most essential decisions you’ll have to make is what sort of flooring to use. There are a variety of bathroom flooring alternatives available, including vinyl, tile, wood, laminate, and more. When selecting bathroom flooring,...

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Questions To Ask Your Flooring Contractor

Questions To Ask Your Flooring Contractor Any home remodeling project should begin with a thorough search for a qualified contractor. In your quest, you should prioritize reputability, experience, work quality, and performance. The most crucial move is to employ a seasoned commercial flooring contractor...

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Cozy Ceramic

Cozy Ceramic Pros and Cons of Ceramic Tile Flooring Homeowners can never go wrong with Ceramic tiles. Ceramic tile can be the only type of flooring that can be used in any room of the house. This type of tile is also suitable for use on walls, backsplashes, toilets, and other areas. Ceramic flooring...

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