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“Be Free from Flooring Gapping”

“Be Free from Flooring Gapping” Even the most expertly installed wood floors have a tendency to dry out and shrink during the winter. As humidity levels fluctuate, plank flooring may exhibit some gaps as it expands and contracts. On the other hand, the ability of the wooden floor to control all that...

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“Floors for the Fierce Summer Heat”

“Floors for the Fierce Summer Heat” Summer is finally here! It’s time to enjoy longer daylights and it’s officially the beach season. While families enjoy outdoor activities as summer officially starts in June, we can’t help but think of our floorings at home. Are they summer ready too?...

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Outstanding Flooring for Oddly-Shaped Rooms

Outstanding Flooring for Oddly-Shaped Rooms Creating a space with the flooring you adore is difficult enough in a normal rectangular room. Similarly, rooms with unusual shapes show off their architectural flair. You adore the house’s distinctive layout and believe that the shape adds to its...

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Hooked On The Look?

(Factors To Consider In Choosing The Flooring Type For Each Part Of Your Home) Decorating your home interior, especially your flooring is one of the most crucial aspects of the final touches of your new home. There are several factors you should consider in choosing the perfect flooring type for each...

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