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    Tips to Keep Your Carpet Stain-Free During the “New Normal Holiday”!

    2020 is finally coming to a close… sighEnter the holidays that everyone has been anticipating for the longest time.

    Picture this…

    Kids and pets hurrying indoors to the smell of Christmas cookies baking in the oven, families gathered in the living room enjoying cups of hot chocolate, you and your spouse having a glass of red wine in front of the fireplace.

    Then imagine the aftermath of all these on your carpet!

    Muddy footprints, chocolate and red wine stains, need not be holiday reminders you would forever see on your floor. 

    Here are tips to keep your carpet spot-free during the happiest time of the year!

    • Prevention is key!

    Before the pandemic, it would have been more challenging to observe a “NO SHOES INSIDE” policy. 

    However, some households already started banning outside footwear for safety reasons. Put some holiday spirit into this practice by placing festive baskets near your entryway where guests can leave their shoes. 

    Make it a treat rather than a chore by  placing comfortable christmas slippers for them to use!

    Use area rugs on places where you and your family would most likely huddle. 

    Choose holiday-patterned pieces to create a warm and comfy ambience!

    • Dashing to the stain!

    Perform first aid on your carpet immediately after accidents happen.

    Admit it, there is already a corner in your house that looks like a cleaning supply checkout station. Add floor cleaning items to your list of hand sanitizers and whatnot, so you or other adult family members can have them handy to clean stains as they happen. 

    Just make sure to keep them in a place inaccessible to little children!

    • Hire a cleaning elf!

    You can enjoy more quality time with family by handing over chores to professionals. 

    Sometimes if you treat stains improperly, you end up making it worse. Hire people who have more experience. 

    Just make sure to choose a cleaning service that observes safety protocols before letting them into your house!

    • If all else fails,  be your own Santa!

    2020 was a difficult year, and it has taught us to be more patient and resilient. 

    Your carpet may not be that forgiving. 

    Check the current state of your carpet and be honest. Maybe you have to accept the fact that you need to ditch the old and have new carpeting installed.

    Give yourself a gift. You’ve been pretty good this year, right?

    If you’re reaching for your phone right now to call a Carpet Flooring Contractor, consider these factors  before you dial.

    There are a lot of contractors claiming to have experience and expertise in carpet installation, but are they trustworthy?

    Carpet Replacement or New Carpet Installation is not a small feat. Aside from money, it also takes time and effort to get it done properly and have beautifully-done floors as a result. 

    You need a Carpet Flooring Contractor that has a proven track of providing unwavering commitment to the project, and would undoubtedly offer 100% customer satisfaction.

    Here is a checklist to make the job of finding the BEST CARPET INSTALLATION COMPANY easier for you.

    Set a budget and lookup Carpet Flooring Contractors. Compare cost and value for money.

    Check out your  Carpet Flooring Company’s credentials. Before signing a contract, make sure that they have a current and active Contractor’s License, a surety bond, Business Liability Insurance, and a Fair Workers’ compensation Policy.

    Check their reputation. Look-up past projects and customer satisfaction reviews.

    Set a reasonable time frame for the project and agree on a date of completion.

    We, at Home Solutionz, can help you make  a smart decision. Simply because we tick all the boxes on your checklist.

    Our carpet resource is one of the best in the industry. We offer quality carpets in various materials and designs. Also, our  carpet contractors are experts in their field and can provide you with sound recommendations. They will listen to you, and address all your queries to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

    Having a lot of options means that you can compare prices, and find a great fit for your budget and needs!

    We protect our customers by carrying the appropriate coverages for general liability and workers compensation. Additionally, we are licensed by all local authorities and continually seek out industry recognized certifications and designations to add to our customer’s peace of mind.


    We deliver exemplary results in floor installation or replacement with over 30 years of combined experience in the flooring industry. We care about the quality, look, and sound of your new flooring and only use the highest quality products to ensure satisfaction for our customers.


    Still not convinced? Check out testimonials of our past clients here.

    We are the best Carpet Flooring Contractor with certified professionals who value your time, and are committed to  delivering quality service in a timely manner. 

    To know more about pricing and other home solutions, contact us anytime or browse our website. We are available for you 24/7. 

    Reach out to us if you need a FREE CONSULTATION!

    Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday!

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