What are Baseboards for?



While it is true that home baseboards make our houses more appealing, they were surely made for something more than that. Baseboards are put to its place mainly for protection and prevention from damages not just purely aesthetic.

It is highly recommended that drywall walls should really be having baseboards at the bottom of it. Shoe molding, most of the time, is not enough to protect the drywall from being damaged, so baseboards are there not just to beautify the house but to also make it long-lasting.

There are problems that baseboards are solving:

  1. Dilapidation of drywalls could easily happen in just a few months if baseboards were not installed on it. Baseboards protect the bottom of the drywalls from corroding as it repels dirt, dust, and moist.
  2. Baseboards provide a “stopping point” for dirt and moist. This makes these corrosion-causing objects to be easily seen by our naked eyes and ultimately remove it. By having so, this will prevent the drywalls from gradual destruction.
  3. It also acts as a shield from outside forces, especially, a direct impact from feet and shoes.

These are just the basic benefits of having baseboards in your house. Installing it would really require hefty skills. And if you are planning to have baseboards in your home, then Home Solutionz is the perfect choice to do it for you. With highly-experienced professionals, we only offer nothing but best results and extremely satisfied you.

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