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    “Achieving Sustainability On Your Home’s Flooring”

    Eco Warriors are gearing up for a powerful movement this July! The Plastic-Free July campaign is a major initiative of The Plastic Free Foundation Ltd. In 2011, this movement gained traction in Australia. It is a global movement that encourages people to get involved in the fight against plastic pollution. Participants are challenged in this initiative to reduce their use of single-use plastics by eliminating one or more single-use items from their daily lives. That means this is the perfect time for sustainable flooring types! 

    When it comes to making smart and sustainable choices for the planet, they frequently begin at home. As a homeowner, you’ve probably looked into sustainable flooring options in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Most flooring options have some “green” credentials, but you must consider how sustainable they are in comparison to the other options. When considering sustainable flooring, consider the various types of floor surfaces available as well as what you’ll cover them with, such as decorative rugs. To help you out more, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways in achieving sustainability on your home’s flooring. 

    • Choose sustainably harvested materials

    In general, the more rare a tree species is, the less sustainable it is, so commonly grown oak and pine are good eco options. Wood is one of the most environmentally friendly and renewable materials available. Government regulations have been put in place to safeguard both the timeframe and the amount of wood that can be harvested. For starters, sustainable wood is obtained legally. Sustainable wood should bear the US seal. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) (FSC). FSC is committed to regrowing forests, preserving biodiversity, and protecting air and water quality. Selective harvesting safeguards the soil and forest ecosystem.

    • Choose a company that values sustainability

    The materials used to build the facility provide opportunities for architects and building owners to investigate green solutions. Shopping with a company committed to sustainable practices and materials can significantly increase your environmental responsibility. Manufacturers must ensure legal and sustainable forestry, which leads to more sustainable flooring, more efficient energy use, and better working conditions.

    • Pick sustainable flooring options

    With a greater emphasis on ‘green’ living than ever before, many businesses are improving the eco-credentials of their flooring by changing the materials used as well as their provenance. Hardwood floors have a classic, timeless appeal, making them an elegant yet environmentally friendly option for homeowners. Oak floors, on the other hand, are considered to be among the most sustainable because U.S. forest management and protection programs ensure that these trees are replanted in forests on a regular basis. Bamboo is another option. Bamboo is rapidly renewable, but transporting it from Asia increases its embodied energy, and some bamboo flooring glues and binders contain potentially harmful aldehydes.

    There are a lot of ways in achieving sustainability on your home’s flooring. Just remember, sustainability isn’t just a goal but a lifestyle. In choosing a trusted flooring contractor in Arizona, there is one name you can trust. In the field of flooring installation, Home Solutionz sets the standard for quality and affordability. Home Solutionz offers engineered and strong wood flooring, baseboards, carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl. If you’re looking for flooring installation or replacement in Phoenix, Arizona, trust our combined industry expertise. We’re confident in our ability to provide outstanding services for your home or company. Home Solutionz has you covered if you need high-quality finished or unfinished wood flooring. Call Home Solutionz right now at 480-463-4517 for an on-site estimate all for FREE.

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