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    Baseboard Styles that Match Your Home

    Baseboard Styles that Match Your Home

    Baseboards may not seem like the most important features in your home, but choosing the right baseboard can make a big impact on your overall room design.

    Baseboards are the trim that covers the seams between the floor and wall. They come in varied styles and can also be made out of different materials. Solid wood finger, jointed wood, and medium-density fiberboard baseboards are among the most popular material choices. Baseboards come in a variety of colors, sizes and heights as well.

    When choosing a new baseboard, choosing the material can be more of a budgetary or color preference decision, so let’s look at some of the top modern baseboard styles and what types of homes they pair best with.

    • Curved Baseboards

    Curved baseboards painted in cream colors and soft pastels best capture a shabby chic designed room as it is known for its subtlety and elegance. A room decorated in this style is sophisticated, but not striking—it’s not flashy. It combines strong colors of faded pastels with distressed elements of varying colors.

    • Bold Baseboard Molding

    New traditional style homes can benefit from bold baseboard molding that brings the home’s classic style and modern design together. Baseboards with curves, bevels, or unique features work well with this type of home.

    • Simple and Flat Baseboards

    To create a modern farmhouse ambiance, baseboard molding with simple, flat, and angular profiles is the way to go. Choose crisp white or cream colors to show off the rich texture in these styles.

    • Bohemian Style Baseboards

    The Bohemian style combines earth tones with ornate Moroccan patterns. Bohemian design is also known for its curves and lavish décor. Ornate baseboards with curves are always a winning look in a Bohemian-inspired room.

    • Angular Trim Styles

    Vintage industrial design features bold lines, sharp angles, and exposed concrete. These features are generally combined with straight lines, very square and angular trim styles which are perfect for vintage industrial homes. 

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