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    “Finding the Most Paw-Friendly Flooring”

    “Finding the Most Paw-Friendly Flooring”

    If you’re a dog lover, you’re probably familiar with one of the most pet-friendly holidays we celebrate annually. Adopt a Shelter Dog Month is in October. This event is sponsored by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to encourage people to adopt dogs from nearby shelters. It is a chance for anyone to give a pet its own family. In our homes, we also want to make sure our dogs are given the best type of care and attention.

    It’s time to look for better, more lasting flooring that is also pet-friendly if you have a dog and are remodeling your house. Before they are housebroken, pets may have minor “accidents.” They have hair loss. And occasionally they could opt to use furniture to sharpen their claws.

    • Vinyl Flooring

    Among all flooring options, vinyl is likely the best for households with pets. Due to its waterproof nature and installation as a “floating floor” that is linked together rather than being permanently glued to the subfloor, WPC and SPC vinyl flooring is ideal for homes with dogs. Your dog will adore the warm surface in the winter and the cool surface in the summer. Whichever type of vinyl you decide on, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate this perk: it’s excellent for muffling the sound of your pet’s nails as they move across the floor!

    • Bamboo Flooring

    Because it resists permanent dents/grooves created by pet claws, bamboo is one of the best all-around floors for pets, including large dogs and cats with claws. In general, it is a far better option for flooring in a dog-friendly home than hardwood. The bamboo’s natural warmth will appeal to your dog during the winter. Because strand-woven bamboo flooring is more robust and long-lasting than other types, you should probably choose it. It can bear hefty paws because it is more than twice as robust as oak flooring.

    • Porcelain Tile

    Unquestionably, tile flooring is incredibly simple to keep clean and maintain. Dust, pet hair, and other debris are present on top and are readily removed with a dust mop or soft cloth. Tile has a cement board underlayment, so there are no hollow areas that could cause your dog’s claws to echo. The finest flooring for pets that have accidents is tile, which is renowned for being simple to clean and maintain.

    • Carpet

    Carpet comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit your preferences and provides a cozy, soft landing for your dogs. For its aged joints, an older dog will find carpeted surfaces to be extremely comfortable. Pets like dogs and cats that jump can fall safely and softly on carpeted floors. You won’t have to worry about them stumbling or falling on hard surfaces if they have mobility or vision impairments. If you have tiny dogs or cats, cheap carpets could last longer than their expected lifespan of 5–10 years.

    With these flooring choices, your furry friends would definitely enjoy staying indoors. Home Solutionz sets the standard for quality and affordability. Home Solutionz offers engineered and strong wood flooring, baseboards, carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl. If you’re looking for flooring installation or replacement in Phoenix, Arizona, trust our combined industry expertise. We’re confident in our ability to provide outstanding services for your home or company. Home Solutionz has you covered if you need high-quality finished or unfinished wood flooring. Call Home Solutionz right now at 480-463-4517 for an on-site estimate all for FREE.

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