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    Flooring Ideas For Your Open-Concept Floor Plan

    Flooring Ideas For Your Open-Concept Floor Plan

    If you know anything about housing market trends or have looked into home improvement, you’ve undoubtedly heard the term “open floor plan” more than a few times. As the name implies, a home with this layout contains one or more large, open areas that act as numerous rooms inside single living space. An open-concept floor plan has a lot of advantages. It has clear sightlines as well as a brighter and more open feel. It can also improve airflow throughout the home. Additionally, an open concept area also has a sun-soaked look that helps individuals who come feel uplifted and connected.
    Choosing the perfect flooring for an open-concept floor design, on the other hand, requires some thought. When it comes to flooring, you’ll want to make sure that it complements all of the great features of an open concept layout. This guide will assist you in determining the finest flooring for an open-concept kitchen and living room.

    Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring for an Open-Concept House

    Keep consistency in mind
    It is essential to take advantage of the flow and make it appear as if it is all one huge room continuing rather than a completely different location. So when it comes to open floor plans, the first rule is to utilize a few different types of flooring as feasible. Make an effort to match the colors and patterns on the floors in each of your rooms.

    Choose the right flooring size
    Floors that can compete in the open area they cover are required when building large venues. When deciding on materials for your large kitchen or small living room, strive to select plank or tile sizes that are proportional to the entire space. Choosing larger materials will assist match the grandness of the room, resulting in a more coherent look and feel.

    Pick a versatile color
    When selecting a flooring material for the entire house, be certain that the color complements all of the rooms. It will be critical to find a neutral hue that would function in the kitchen, living room, and dining area. Furthermore, because the floors will be running throughout your property, they must be a perfect fit for each section.

    Best Flooring Options for Open-Concept Floor Plan

    Solid hardwood is a classic, opulent flooring option that never goes out of style. Its natural beauty may complement any aesthetic, and it is available in a wide range of plank sizes and hues. Although the initial prices are slightly greater than for carpet or linoleum, they can last a lifetime with proper upkeep and repairs.

    Laminate boards mimic natural wood and have four strong layers that increase resistance to moisture and stains. One of the most appealing aspects of laminate flooring is the wide range of stylish styles available. Finally, the low cost of laminate flooring allows you to achieve a realistic hardwood or tile appearance without breaking the bank.

    Luxury Vinyl
    Vinyl can also mimic the appearance of actual wood, but it is more resistant to humidity and temperature changes. It features a scratch and stain protector incorporated into the floor. Most forms of LVT, in particular, are completely waterproof, making them excellent for spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms, as well as any other location where there is a lot of water.

    An open-concept floor plan would definitely give your home a unique ambiance. That is why it is important to choose a flooring that not only suits an open-concept style but will also last long. With all of these standards, there’s one name that stands out. Home Solutionz raises the bar for consistency and affordability in the field of flooring installation. Strong and engineered wood flooring, baseboards, carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl are all available from Home Solutionz. If you’re looking for flooring installation or replacement in Phoenix, Arizona, trust our combined industry expertise. We’re confident in our ability to provide outstanding services for your home or company. Home Solutionz has you covered if you need high-quality finished or unfinished wood flooring. Call Home Solutionz right now at 480-463-4517 for an on-site estimate all for FREE.

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