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    “Flooring Types for Different Types of Dads”

    “Flooring Types for Different Types of Dads”

    Dad may not be the biggest home buddy but he deserves to enjoy a flooring type that suits him in your home. This Father’s Day, it’s time to make that flooring remodeling happen! It would be most helpful for you to know which types of flooring suit Dad’s specific lifestyle. In today’s fast-paced world, the average busy family can benefit greatly from durable, versatile flooring styles that are simple to maintain throughout the week. It’s also something you’ll want to get right the first time because Dad and the rest of the family will be living with your decision for a long time. It’s not feasible to change your flooring every six months! If you’re adding flooring to a new home, you have complete freedom to choose whatever you want, but in a period home, your decision is more likely to be influenced by the home’s style and matching what’s already there.

    • Carpet for Dads who are entertainers and hosts

    Because of its warmth and sound-dampening properties, carpet is one of the best flooring options for families. A carpet absorbs sounds rather than reflecting them, lowering noise levels. The sound insulation effect is influenced by the carpet’s height and density. In addition, the best carpet for busy families will be soft as well as stain-resistant and resilient. Berber carpets are a good choice because they are comfortable for your feet and come in a variety of colors and patterns to hide stains.

    • Vinyl for Dads who are pet lovers

    Vinyl flooring provides excellent traction and is pet-friendly. Luxury vinyl tile and sheets are extremely long-lasting, moisture-resistant, and scratch-resistant. They’re also simple to keep clean. Vinyl flooring is water-resistant. Spills and accidents are fine because they occur in isolated areas where you can easily wipe them up. It also dampens the sound of your pets walking around the house.

    • Hardwood for Dads who loves the environment

    If you’re concerned about the impact your flooring has on the environment, look for natural flooring materials that are free of VOCs. Because it lasts a long time, contains no VOCs, and is made of natural materials, reclaimed hardwood is the most environmentally friendly option. Unlike other flooring materials, the raw materials used to make them – trees – can regrow after being cut down, allowing the material to be harvested to be replaced. Finally, many people are unaware that the annual net growth of hardwood-producing trees is much greater than the annual harvest.

    • Laminate for Dads with a huge family

    To keep up with all the activities that take place in the home, families with children require durable, comfortable flooring. With excellent scratch, scuff, and dent resistance, the laminate was designed to withstand high traffic and wear and tear. This means it can easily deal with the stresses of everyday life. Laminate floors are also simple to clean with a vacuum or broom. Use a slightly damp mop or, better yet, laminate floor cleaner to clean your floors.

    Our ads deserve a home that is well-suited for their lifestyle. That is why in choosing the best flooring type, it is important to consider a lot of factors about Dad. In choosing a trusted flooring contractor in Arizona, there is one name you can trust. In the field of flooring installation, Home Solutionz sets the standard for quality and affordability. Home Solutionz offers engineered and strong wood flooring, baseboards, carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl. If you’re looking for flooring installation or replacement in Phoenix, Arizona, trust our combined industry expertise. We’re confident in our ability to provide outstanding services for your home or company. Home Solutionz has you covered if you need high-quality finished or unfinished wood flooring. Call Home Solutionz right now at 480-463-4517 for an on-site estimate all for FREE.

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