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    Importance of internet security

    In this modern era, the number of appliances we are using for Internet connections such as smart phones, computers and laptops have increased. When we are working on our computers, then we feel that we possess a powerful tool. But what is more powerful is the Internet. We have 3G, 4G data connection for internet and we make use of Wi-Fi connections in most of the public places we visit. People are increasingly aware of the dangerous consequences which can happen if they let their internet connections unprotected. If you do not secure yourself by following necessary steps as recommended by rapidfirepc ( or other security firms, such as

    • Scan your computer and mobile constantly,
    • Do not share your password with other people,
    • You should not answer to calls from unknown doubtful numbers,
    • Think twice before posting your photo (or) personal details about you or your family member on social sites,
    • Protecting your mobile from Internet fraud, malware and viruses. Else, your bank account can be emptied (or) your computer wiped clean (or) your accounts may be hacked.

    Our phones are often for making bank transactions, and other activities, where we will input our identities, passwords and other documents which we want to ensure that they are not comprised. The number of fraudulent activities on the Internet is increasing day by day. These fraud people hack our computes and they steal private passwords, identities, files and documents.

    Hence, we must take necessary steps to protect our computer from the hackers and fraudsters. It is a surprising fact that many people just do not care about their Internet security. Especially the senior citizens who don’t have much exposure with the Internet Technologies can easily fall prey to these internet dangers. They should learn from their children how to install Anti-Viruses which can remove these evil programs from the computer and the regular work will not be disrupted. They can scan any kind of strange action on a malicious site that can protect their computers from getting damaged because they can compromise your computer and you.

    For the government and business entities, Internet is the best tool in the world because it can help their customers to handle accounts without having to talk on the phone or having to come on a physical location. But when this information through internet is not secured, then the consequences can be very bad, not just for the customers but also for the previous mentioned entities because their reputation will get low which means they will start losing their money.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the internet security:

    There are many people who think that Internet is bad tool because every single person can post statuses about other people which can hurt them a lot. One of the biggest negative effects is that people posting harmful comments anonymously, which they cannot say to them in person. These miscreants make crimes because they want to make fun of other people. Also, there is other disadvantage of the Internet which is affecting the teens at most. They post private information and pictures or medical conditions about their friends or family. This information can help only to hackers. For example, in these days there is a trend to post the status of your family if you go on vacation. Criminals can easily know that there is no one in your house which means that he can steal your money, jewelries, appliances etc. from your house.

    Also, when we are buying online, then we must enter our addresses, personal information, number of credit cards etc. which means that if hackers want to steal this information from the online retail stores, then they can easily do it. They can use the mentioned information about our buying or selling or they can go to ATM and they will draw money from cloned cards of ours.

    The databases of government organization and banks have credit card information and social secure numbers which hackers can steal. They will steal their identities to make some transactions or illegal activities. If hackers steal this personal information from databases, then they can indulge in mass irregular activities. In every country, there are plenty or organizations who are giving their energy and time to discover how to stop these activities and to give secure protection to their clients.

    Of recent, the number of people who are conscious about the need of establishing Internet security in their computers is steadily increasing. The importance of internet security is emphasized as more organizations are moving to cloud – based operations. The personal documents in the cloud – based operations are stored on remote servers and the information is available over the Internet. The activity which is essential for preventing the information from being stolen is top – notch security.

    All businesses (both government and private entities) are making all efforts to stay protected because hackers are constantly trying to find vulnerabilities in the computer science.

    Simple steps that every single person should take to be secure on the Internet: Here are some steps which you should do to be sure that you are protected from getting hacked or to get in some kinds of frauds:

    • Establishing digital home security
    • Using a VPN when encrypting data online
    • Being careful when sharing sensitive data
    • Selecting stronger passwords
    • Installing anti-virus software on your PC
    • Scan your computer and mobile constantly
    • You should not answer calls from doubtful numbers
    • Think twice about posting your photo or person details about you or your family member on social sites
    • Do not share passwords with other people

    Products for internet protection: There is a protection trio which can help you to stay protected from the evil software.

    Antivirus applications: These kinds of applications can scan your computer in real time and they will know if you have malware on it. Also, they will check your downloads whether they contain viruses or not. In most cases, these applications will catch the viruses attached to download, but also will catch other malicious codes such as Trojans, worms and other kinds of malware.

    Antispyware: These kinds of applications can catch malware which is hidden in your programs which you don’t have any idea that your PC is running the same. Installing antispyware will take care of the above problems

    Firewalls: This is one of important application which you must have on your PC. They can detect the outgoing and incoming connections. When you have firewall on your PC, then you can choose which connection should be trusted and which connection should be denied. We think that most of the incoming connections are safe, but in many cases, they may be full of viruses and malware. So, it is always better to have a good firewall installed in the PC to keep the PC away from malware.

    Tips which can help you to rid of evil software if you have some of them on your computer: Here are some steps which can help you to rid of these programs:

    Scanning: There are many different programs which can remove your viruses and also they are free. You can download two different programs because every program cannot catch all types of viruses that are running on your PC. You can scan your computer with one program and remove them with the same program. But also you can scan your computer again with another program so you can clean your PC better.

    Rescue Disks: You can use pre – boot scanner or virus scanner before your operating system has a chance to boot up. You can use rescue discs from Microsoft which is known as Windows Defender Offline. With this method, you will get rid of any malware infection or virus.

    Clean install: When you do clean install, then you delete everything from your hard drive which means that you do not have any kind of virus. In some cases you need to reinstall your programs but you must do it for your own safety.



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