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    Take Your Monochromatic Kitchen to the Next Level

    A monochromatic kitchen offers a clean, contemporary look that never goes out of style.  If you have a monochromatic kitchen, you might be surprised to learn that there are many different ways to achieve this look and you also don’t need to worry about clashing colors.

    Here are five tips on how to make your monochromatic kitchen stand out from the rest.

    1. Explore Variations of Shades of the Same Color

    Once you’ve decided on a color for your kitchen, consider a few variations of that shade. You want to explore several complimentary colors so that nothing in your design looks too similar. The slight contrast between these colors will help define different elements without being overly obvious.

    2.  Light Walls, Dark Floors

     You can make your room’s walls dark and its floors light. What’s important is that you contrast the floor and the walls more to give them better separation. Break up the monochrome where the two meet so everything doesn’t look too similar.

    3. Consider All-White Look

    You can create a monochrome kitchen in many styles, but the classic white look will never go out of style. It depends partly on your commitment to high-quality cabinetry and counters that will maintain their intense, vibrant color over time.

    4. Contrasting Accessories

    As you decorate your kitchen, choose color schemes that match your main monochromatic theme. For example, if your theme is white, a blue towel can add a pop of coordinating color. Think of any accessories you select as part of your overall look; even items you will use every day in the kitchen can be stylistic choices for your home.

    5.  Use a few colors with strong contrast to create visual interest

    While you want most of your kitchen to be the same color, a few accents will prevent it from becoming boring. Try light gray or soft blue as accents against white or dark blue. You can put these accents on moldings, counters, and backsplashes.


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